Holiday house with a bedroom

Outer surface
3-6 weeks

Interior decoration

  • The floor is covered with natural light oak parquet. You can choose also easily maintain LVT cover
  • All the rooms have LED lights. Switches and sockets are innovative and have night lighting
  • Inside the walls and ceiling are carefully selected leap wood lining board, which is resistant to moisture
  • It might be used both, as an independent construction or Family house module

Exterior decoration

  • Exterior finishing with 3 different tones of facade wood, which is covered with weatherproof color
  • On the house we have 3 LED-lights, this makes the house even more beautiful when it’s dark outside
  • Roof tile ensures the snow to fall down in winter
  • The facade has a triple glass package
  • Glass tones can be selected
  • Energy efficient – insulated with PUR-foam, conforms 300mm wool

Technical information


For finishing and equipment 2 years, construction 5 years.


You can order transport and installation as a full solution.


External dimensions of the building: H x W x D 2850 x 5950 x 3350 mm


Houses doesn’t require the construction of a separate foundation. It would be enough of the six building blocks, and the house would be placed on the top of these blocks. For the softer soils we recommend to dig 70cm hole under blocks and after that fill it with crushed stones. Also faster and cheaper possibility is to use pile foundation.

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