Have you ever felt that your countryside home could use a summer kitchen where you can sit with guests even when:

  • it’s still chilly outside in spring
  • mosquitoes are bothersome in summer
  • it’s dark and rainy in autumn
  • there’s snow all around in winter

Or perhaps you’ve just acquired a residential plot, and the first thing you want to set up is a sauna. You don’t have time to obtain a building permit; you want everything done quickly and efficiently.

Or maybe you desire a small dwelling in the garden corner, equipped with everything necessary. For instance, for young adults wanting to live independently or for parents needing extra space for children when the house feels cramped.

Cube House’s beautifully and functionally designed summer kitchen, holiday home, or sauna provides visual delight and coziness all year round. Imagine yourself in a summer evening where the sunset paints the air with a soft glow, and through the windows, you can enjoy beautiful nature views. Or picture yourself on a winter day, with snow sparkling in the sunlight, and a warm and inviting sauna awaiting you, where time stands still, and everyday worries are left behind.

All Cube House’s buildings are designed for year-round use and are delivered in one piece. Within just 2 hours, you can have the sauna heated up or start preparations for welcoming guests.

Cube House advantages

Energy and environmentally friendly

Easy management with mobile

Smart solutions

Production 3-6 weeks

Elegantly designed and finished sauna houses, holiday houses, outdoor kitchens,outdoor offices, leaflets etc.


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