Have you ever felt like in your country house could be summer kitchen, where you could sit with your guests even when:

  • In spring and it’s cold outside
  • In summer and the mosquitoes are biting
  • In autumn and it’s rainy and dark
  • In winter when you are surrounded by snow

Or you just got new plot and the first wish is to put up a sauna. You don’t have time for getting the building permit, but you want it right now.

Or you want a little house inside your garden, where could be everything useful. For example young person, who want to live by themselves, or elder person if it is getting too crowded indoors and more space needed for children.

All the Cube Houses are suitable for year-round use. Ready-made house would be delivered in one piece. After two you can start using the sauna or makie welcome preparations for guests.

Cube House advantages

Energy efficient

Easy management with mobile

Smart solutions

Production 3-6 weeks

Elegantly designed and finished sauna houses, holiday houses, outdoor kitchens,outdoor offices, leaflets etc.


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