Dream big and live comfortably – with Cube House!

Have you felt that you could have a place where you can have a good time with your guests at any time of the year? Or do you dream of a sauna house where you can enjoy cozy sauna evenings with friends or a family cottage where you can relax all year round? Cube House makes all these dreams come true!

Our beautifully and functionally designed modular and modular houses offer solutions for every situation:

In the spring, when it’s still cold outside, you can enjoy the terrace sauna.
In the summer, when the mosquitoes are too much, you can find refuge in the outdoor kitchen.
In autumn, when it is dark and raining, you can relax in a holiday home.
In winter, when there is snow all around, a warm and inviting sauna house awaits you.

Cube House’s selection includes sauna houses, family houses, outdoor kitchens, terrace saunas, holiday homes and outdoor offices. If you have a special project, we can handle that too. All our houses are designed for year-round use, offering comfort and eye candy at any time.

Why choose Cube House?

Building a house can be a complex and time-consuming process – drawing up plans, sourcing materials and nervous waiting. Don’t waste your time, entrust it to us. The Cube House factory produces energy-efficient and elegantly finished houses that are completed in just 3-9 weeks!

Thanks to our long-term experience and the use of high-quality materials, you can get the house of your dreams quickly and effortlessly. All Cube House houses are delivered in one piece, and after 2 hours at the latest, you can start heating the sauna or preparing for receiving guests.

Contact us and we will start creating your dream house today!

Cube House advantages

Energy and environmentally friendly

Easy management with mobile

Smart solutions

Production 3-6 weeks

Examples of completed works

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