Terrace Sauna

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Terrace Sauna

Outer surface
5,7 - 11,2 m²
3-6 weeks

Interior decoration

Elegantly finished. The steam room can be created as desired!

The steam room has a safe decorative stone around the heater and a starry sky motif formed from LED lights on the ceiling.
Adjustable mood lighting from LED lights with different color patterns under the stage.

Exterior decoration


Technical information


We give guarantee for all of our houses and provide technical support for years.


You can order transport and installation as a full solution.


External dimensions of the building:

The dimensions of the steam room of the terrace sauna are 2100×2300, a total of 10m² externally.


Houses do not need an expensive or heavy foundation, a simple post foundation or stacking of blocks on strong, stable soil is sufficient.

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