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Cube SPA 20/25m²

Outer surface
3-6 weeks

Interior decoration

  • The floor is covered with natural oak parquet. If desired, you can also choose an easy-to-maintain LVT cover.
  • LED lights in the room, with innovative switches and sockets and night lighting.
  • The walls and ceiling are made of carefully selected alder wood paneling, which resists moisture well.

Exterior decoration

  • Exterior finishing with 3 different tones of facade wood or you can choose one tone.
  • The facade is covered with weatherproof paint.
  • There are 5 LED lights on the facade, which bring out the true beauty of the house even in the dark.
  • The slope of the roof ensures that snow falls in winter
  • The windows are triple-glazed, which are suitable even for the harshest northern climate.
  • Energy-efficient houses designed for year-round use, which are insulated with high-quality PUR foam.

Technical information


All our houses have a 2 year warranty.


You can order transport and installation as a full solution.


External dimensions of the building:

20m²- 5950 x 3350 x 2850 mm

25m²- 7450 x 3350 x 2850 mm


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